Course Corrections Consulting conducts an on-going series of free public workshops introducing its proprietary model for the 21st century, surviving and thriving in this new world. These insightful workshops include a current geopolitical and economic briefing covering both the dangers and opportunities. Attendees at these interactive workshops will be introduced to a new and improved method and approach to growing and preserving wealth and will walk away with a greater understanding of the membership programs offered by Course Corrections Consulting.

These workshops are a must attend for those with accumulated assets and for those looking to be connected to a network of like-minded people who understand the times in which we live and the desire to become perhaps more active. Contact us for John’s workshop schedule. Contact Us

Free Workshop

Tools and resources for activists . Asset preservation

Author and public speaker John Michael Chambers will hold a one day only free workshop. This interactive workshop is based on John’s proprietary model, surviving and thriving in Trump’s America and includes the following important subjects that are not addressed anywhere else.


  • PollMole – Your voice will be heard without mainstream bias
  • Be a part of detecting and deterring election fraud forever
  • Meet PollMole’s founder Dr. Richard Davis and Intelligence officer Robert David Steele via a special pre-recorded announcement


U.S. monetary policy has shifted for the first time since the Clinton administration.  A weak dollar policy causes inflation and higher interest rates to attract more foreign investment.

How will this affect your bond portfolio
How this will affect other tangible assets
How will this affect real estate prices
How will this affect the stock market


  • Workshop is based upon John’s successful proprietary model – surviving and thriving while resurrecting America
  • The Dow over 20,000? – GOOTSGet Out Of The System – Now!
  • The importance of paper to tangible ratios
  • Debunking the myth of diversification
  • Why gold-why silver-why now?
  • Should you say no to annuities?
  • Hear an important timely message from Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott
  • Interactive with Q&A segments


Course Corrections Consulting – Become a member of John Michael Chamber’s membership organization including gaining access to John’s “Wealth Coach” services.

Membership benefits will be discussed in a full open Q&A Session

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