What Is PollMole?

What is PollMole you may ask? Reminds me of the movie “Back to the Future” where the guy at the dinner table says to Marty, “Who the hell is JFK?” This may soon become the case with PollMole. So what is PollMole?

Section I: Introducing PollMole
Chapter One: What is PollMole?
Chapter Two: Election Reflection – The Rigged System Chapter
Three: PM R1.0 – Political Polling
Chapter Four: PM R2.0 – Opinion Polling
Chapter Five: PM R3.0 / PM R4.0 – Market Research

Section II: PollMole’s Time Has Come
Chapter Six: PollMole in the News

Section III: President Trump Meets PollMole
Chapter Seven: A Seat at the Table

Section IV: Call to Action
Chapter Eight: Freedom- It’s up to US The PollMole Team