Quarterly Roundtable Briefing – Live Webinar!

Be sure to join us for a one hour Roundtable Briefing with featured guest Kirk Elliott, PhD.

Date: Tuesday September 26, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST
Location: Your desktop computer

Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD will join us from our resource network to discuss the following topics.


U.S. monetary policy has shifted for the first time since the Clinton administration.  A weak dollar policy causes inflation and higher interest rates to attract more foreign investment.  Inflation causes higher interest rates. All of this stems from a weak dollar—meaning higher inflation and higher interest rates.

So what to do in this scenario? Join us.
A live Q&A session follows this important briefing

How will this affect your bond portfolio
How this will affect other tangible assets
How will this affect real estate prices
How will this affect the stock market

GOOTS – Get Out Of The System!

This is a must listen to presentation to gain insights on how to protect and grow your retirement assets.


All attendees will receive a digital E-Book – “The Road Map – Your Passport to Freedom”



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John Michael Chambers

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