Are You Prepared for the Looming Economic Hurricane?

Surviving and thriving through the economic hurricane that is bearing down upon us will not happen by accident and it will not happen without proper planning. Wealth Coach services are available for all members. You will be working directly with John Michael Chambers and will also have access to the resource network of like-minded professionals. An in depth self-discovery and analysis is the first step. Gaining insights from a non-biased Wealth Coach, a PhD in economics and a team that is actually working with and for you makes the world of a difference. Analysis and implementation is the basic two-step process. Your Wealth Coach team is here for you.

Wealth Coach Services: Work privately and directly with John Michael Chambers. An in depth financial analysis. Protect and preserve your assets from the coming economic, market and currency tsunami that is bearing down upon us. Assistance with analysis and implementation. Identifying and taking advantage of the positive trending asset classes. Protect and preserve your assets.


U.S. monetary policy has shifted for the first time since the Clinton administration.  A weak dollar policy causes inflation and higher interest rates to attract more foreign investment.  How will this affect your bond portfolio? How this will affect other tangible assets? How will this affect real estate prices? How will this affect the stock market?

 John Michael Chambers

Personal Wealth Coach


GOOTS –The Dow over 20,000? – GOOTSGet Out Of The System

  • Based upon John’s successful proprietary model
  • The importance of paper to tangible ratios
  • Deferring lump sum taxation on IRA’s for multiple generations
  • Debunking the myth of diversification
  • Why gold-why silver-why now?
  • Should you say no to annuities?
  • Hear an important timely message from Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott
  • Understanding your advisor relationships
  • Hidden costs
  • Risk assessment
  • Debunking the myth of diversification
  • Currency default planning
  • Income planning
  • Audio/video Precious training modules instructed by a PhD-precious metals expert
  • Tax favored planning
  • Investment analysis
  • Estate planning
  • Asset preservation
  • Internationalization

Note: Wealth Coach Services includes all membership benefits.