Published 2013: Surviving Global Governance Co-authored by John Michael Chambers along with Richard Davis, MD and Kirk Elliott, PhD. The ruling elite and secret cabal are clearly labeled here along with their intent for mankind.

Chapter 1: Global Governance By Design – This section by Richard Davis, MD

It’s A Crazy World
Traits of A Psychopath
Governments Are The Biggest Threat To Mankind
Shadow Government
Order Out Of Chaos
Achieving God-Like Status
So What’s The Solution?
The Six Gs: Gold, God, Guns, Groups, Get Fit, Get Out Plan

Chapter II: A View From The Outside – This section by John Michael Chambers

How The World Views America
The Four Pillars –Pray, Preserve Wealth, Political Activism, Protect Life

Chapter III: Economic Trends And Forecasts – This Section by Kirk Elliott, PhD

Global Economic Destabilization
Japan: The Unraveling Begins
Europe: The Next Domino To Fall
Table: Select Country GDP Levels
America: The Last Domino To Fall
A Currency War
Which Snowflake Caused The Avalanche
Pay Attention To The Warning Signs
The Swinging Pendulum
How Civilizations Dies
Table: Fertility Rates
A Budget That Cannot Be Balanced
Table: US Budget Dilemma
Implications Of Increased Interest Rates
Table: Long Term Interest Rate Cycles
Massive Inflationary Pressures
Conspicuous Consumption
Steps To Protect Your Assets
Get Out Of Bonds Now
The Stock Market Is Ripe For A Correction
Allocate Into Gold And Silver Soon
Get Out Of Debt
Be Active