General Questions

Question: What are you trying to accomplish with your work?

Answer: To awaken inspire and motivate individuals. To inspire critical thinking truth revealers for positive action towards a better life and a better world.

Question: Are you tied to any political party, corporations, religious or financial organizations?

Answer: No. I am not associated with any corporations, government agencies, political, religious or financial organizations, biases or agendas. I do not sell investments or tangible products. I consider myself a political atheist and a voice for humanity.  Please see my biographical background on this website.

Question: What is the best way for me to get started?

Answer: Familiarize yourself with the contents of this website and visit my daily blog posts at John Michael Chambers blog site. Schedule your Free 30 – minute private orientation with CCC’s Membership Services Director. The wrong thing to do is nothing. One must start in order to progress. The other wrong thing to do is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Membership Questions

Question: I am not sure if your membership services can benefit me. Can you further define your typical client?

Answer: Individuals who are seeking true news versus fake news and who desire to understand the reality of the world we are living in. Individuals who want to be more effective in resurrecting this once great republic. People who want to be connected to a network of like-minded individuals who understand the times in which we live and are willing to become brave truth revealers.

Question: When we consult where do we meet?

Answer: All consultations are done via live private audio for the call. You will need a phone for the audio consult and a computer, e-mail account and a Wi-Fi connection for membership services.

Wealth Coach Questions

Question: I see from your Biography that you have a lot of experience as a former successful financial advisor. Can you provide financial advice to help me grow my wealth, protect my wealth and assistance with income planning and investments?

Answer: Yes and no. I am no longer a financial advisor and therefore I cannot provide any specific investment advice. However, I can provide extraordinary value via my resource network.  Wealth Coach’s, PhD, metals experts and more offer you a completely non-biased analysis of your current situation and discuss sound strategies for your wealth via my propriety members only model.

I can open up my Resource Network for you which includes precious metals experts, money managers, economists and more who understand the times in which we live as well as overseas land development communities of like-minded people. Explore how to invest accordingly and internationally as well as provide introductions to many other financial, tax and legal experts locally and internationally. Offshore living and multiple passport assistance can also be provided through my resources. It’s simple. Protect and preserve your assets, income and way of life.

Resource Network Questions

Question: What do you mean by “Resource Network”?

Answer: I have acquired many resources, and relationships over the past 20 some odd years which I make available to CCC’s members.

Question: I would like to learn about (or become more active in), restoring the Constitutional Republic in America and political or social activism. Do you have recommendations and resources?

Answer: Yes, most definitely.

Question: I would like to learn about or become more active in activities, programs, companies etc. that are proactively solving the problems of the community and world from food, to water, to energy, to healthcare and more. Do you have resources and people to direct me to?

Answer: Yes.

Public Speaking Questions

Question: Tell me more about your public speaking services and group consulting.

Answer: I have spoken extensively in more than six states and thirty cities in the United States as well as in foreign countries. My speeches can be customized to meet the needs and desires of the group. I can travel most anywhere in the world for a public speaking engagement or personal group consulting. Contact Amanda Vazquez for scheduling and details.