“Trump and The Resurrection of America”

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The battle has just begun. Avoid the fake news. A simple-concise and most beneficial way to be connected, informed and proactive. Be prepared for the economic, market and currency debacle that is on the horizon.


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John Michael Chambers is the founder of the Save America Foundation. His public speaking tour to the freedom movement consisted of over thirty cities, six states and three countries where he addressed the impact of the global shift of power resulting from globalization and the deliberate demise of America and the Western world. Always offering solutions and resources at many levels.



John Michael Chambers is a voice for humanity having authored six books to date. John’s new book is a positive and realistic view of the hope and challenges that we face providing tools and resources for activists. These disruptive truths will inspire even the most awakened reader. Follow John on his blog site.

I am honored to have known John and count him as a dear friend

“I have known John Chambers since our early days together at the Save America Foundation. John is one of the most relentless, tireless and ruthlessly honest people that I have ever known."

Dr. Richard Davis, MD

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We are all Americans united by one shared destiny. Although there is a sense of true hope and optimism and cause for celebration with the election of Donald J. Trump as POTUS, we must realize that the battle has just begun as the enemies of Donald Trump, the enemies of freedom itself, will ramp up their efforts against this movement. Danger is at the doorstep. This book is a disruptive wake-up call and serves as a blueprint of what we the people can do and what must be done to resurrect America.

Trump and the Resurrection of America - Leading America's Second Revolution